Docutrack completely eliminates problems with misplaced paper faxes by scanning and saving all documents faxed to the pharmacy. Docutrack will electronically file each order and assign the document to that facility’s dedicated pharmacy technician. This saves you the hassle of resending misplaced orders and allows us to easily retrieve and fax a copy of anything the pharmacy receives.

Mast Web Connect gives you the ability to view your patient’s pharmacy records anywhere you have access to the internet. While online you can review your patient’s drug regimens and medication administration records. Mast Web Connect is updated as soon as your order is keyed so you are able to electronically view your MARs with real-time updates. This enables you to view and correct MARs electronically throughout the month, ensuring you receive accurate paper MARs.


Electronic Medication Administration Records provide your community with increased efficiencies during your med-pass times by replacing paper MARs with electronic systems displayed on a laptop or handheld unit. With e-MARs you will enjoy significant labor savings and a decrease in medication administration errors.

Mast LTC partners with Accuflo and Eldermark for our e-MAR service. These applications provide a simple workflow that is easy for anyone to use with numerous safety nets and process guiding measures that ensure accuracy and speed during your med pass times

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